Yes! I finally shot a sunrise timelapse sequence that worked, didn’t flicker, wasn’t too dark, had perfect colours, didn’t quiver with wind tremor, or had any other problems. What a wonderful feeling. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if I can do it again!



Time lapse update

Here’s a still from this morning’s sunrise. Still not getting this. On the plus side, there’s a new sunrise every morning so plenty of opportunities to practice hey. This morning’s attempt came out too dark.



I’ve been learning how to do sunrise time lapses, but it’s taking longer than I thought to get my head around it. I’m making every mistake in the book. This morning I added an umbrella to my kit so I can keep the wind off my gear. Those little wind tremors show up when you’re watching the world whizz by. Had to bin all yesterday’s work because of it. Had to bin all the previous 5 day’s work for various reasons as well.

Seagulls are amazing hey. While watching the sunrises, I’m learning about them. They must head off along the beach to get their heads under their wings for the night, but in the morning they all commute to work at the harbour. They fly along the coast and when they reach the harbour they all squawk to each other and say good morning. Thing is, while they’re commuting to work, they fly right across my sunrises. Means I have to go through every single photo one at a time and photoshop the little bastards out lol.

Ah well, what would the sea be without seagulls? Mr and Mrs Guts still join me for breakfast every day. Pisses off the neighbours, but hey, I have some of the best herring gull portraits in the world, so they’re earning their keep.

Here’s a still from this morning’s sunrise. I think this one is going to work 🙂


Brora Sunrise

Started work on a Brora sunrise timelapse this week. This morning was my third attempt to get some decent images. Wasn’t quite as colourful as this, but bringing out the colours didn’t do the image any harm hey. Surreal HDR is okay, in small doses.

Sunrise, Brora

For those who prefer more natural images, here’s the same sunrise with very little post other than a simple colour adjustment.

Brora Sunrise

Beautiful animal

Pigs are vastly underrated and unappreciated. They’re worth so much more than pork chops. I think these animals are far more intelligent and emotional than dogs. Friendly things too. Met this one on a field trip to photograph the Appnag Tulloch broch yesterday. Fuji X-T2 + 50-100mm.



Nybster – the 100th broch

Nybster is the 100th broch added to the library. It’s been quite a journey. I’ve glimpsed a little of how the Picts defeated the Romans, and I’ve grown to love their way of life. I’m beginning to suspect that the Picts were one of the original 12 tribes of Israel who emigrated to Scotland to get away from the Romans.

What a unique perspective of the Highlands the brochs trail offers, and what interesting people you meet. More info and free for personal use photos here

Nybster broch

Nybster broch

This was my first adventure of the year. It was pissing down first thing, and I almost didn’t go out. Drove through a blizzard on the high ground north of Helmsdale and almost turned around and went home. As soon as I approached Nybster, the clouds broke, the rain stopped and there was good light. I’ve around 30 images to work through before uploading them to the broch library, but had to share this one. Not bad for my first photo of the year! Well happy with it, and it was a great adventure to kick off 2017.

Nybster broch