Appnag Tulloch broch

Appnag Tulloch broch, or Forse House broch as it’s also known. Currently working on the images. Will update the website when they’re done.

Appnag Tulloch broch


Sunrise this morning

Didn’t do a single thing to this image, no colour adjustments, no contrast adjustments, no nothing. Didn’t need a single thing doing to it. Straight out of the camera. The Fuji X-T2 paired with the 50-140mm is simply¬†wonderful. It’s 16:9 because I’m making a video.


Seagull sunrise

Amazing what you learn about seagulls while photographing sunrises. They still all commute to work at the harbour, squawk good morning to each other, and catch up with the gossip, but this morning one of them didn’t join them. Instead, this seagull soared way out to sea, high up in the sky, enjoying the sunrise all by himself. All the others were at the harbour squawking and blethering away, but this dude just wanted to be by himself.