Too many sparrows in the garden below the nest for my liking, and the little brutes are too quick to catch. Sometimes they fly into a window though, and knock themselves out. They make a tasty dinner.




Here’s Mr Pigeon. He once took me skiing. Well he was nicking my grub, so I grabbed his tail feathers in my beak. Thing is, he took off, but he wasn’t going anywhere because I wouldn’t let go of his tail feathers. So there I was, my webbed feet splayed out in front of me, being pulled along the garden path. It was hilarious. Mr Pigeon didn’t think it was very funny though.


Soar on the wind

Hello humans, have you ever wondered what it’s like to soar on the breezes a mile above the earth? Bet you all wish you could fly like me. Well, you can’t, so there. You will all just have to potter around in your dirty, smelly little cars which I like to poop on.

Seagull, Mr Guts the Herring gull


Kids are all tucked up cosy and warm, waiting until this wee storm blows over. Nothing for it but to stick my head under my wing and have a wee snooze. Hope you humans are all enjoying a wee snooze as well.


The Gutlings

Some councillors think I’m only here in Brora because I get fed. Yeah right, I don’t rely on handouts, I can take care of my family without any help from humans thank you very much. I go fishing to feed my family. Here’s the kids enjoying sand eels for breakfast.

Herring gulls family