Alasdair Maciver

The old fella downstairs was taken to hospital yesterday but didn’t make it. He died holding Cameraman’s hand earlier this afternoon. He’d had a good life. Not many know this, but the old fella was an MI6 man, who served all over the world. The Radio Station in Brora was an MI6 station that tracked communist satellites. During the Cold War, Russian nuclear weapons were aimed at Brora because of the Radio Station.

Alasdair Maciver was the son of a gamekeeper. He grew up on salmon taken from the River Creed in Stornoway. He joined the RAF as a young man and was later recruited by MI6. Cameraman grew up in Hong Kong where Alasdair taught Cantonese Chinese to MI6 officers. Not many people knew this either, but Alasdair spoke 12 languages.

He died today peacefully at Raigmore Hospital, an old man, full of years, a man who’d had an amazing life. Last week he finished his final work, his book. Entitled The Gripes of Wrath, it will be published later this year. Here is Cameraman as a young child out in Hong Kong with his father back in the 1960s. He will be missed.