Hi, I’m George, and I’m Here’s me with my Father out in Hong Kong back in the 1960s.


And here I am with Sealia, a grey seal pup I befriended a few years back. I love being out in the remote Highlands with wildlife.


My black and white street style is what I’m known for. I’ll typically shoot 1000 photos through the course of a day, yet only submit 100 or so to my clients. That’s because I check through every single image meticulously, and if I think someone wouldn’t enjoy any particular photo, the original file goes straight into the recycle bin. I only ever produce photos I’m sure people would enjoy seeing.

"Snowman Rally 2015"

If you enjoy my style of photography, and you’re considering hiring me to cover your big day, give us a bell through the contact form above and we can chat about it. I don’t do the colour family poses thing, so be sure you know what you want before finalising anything.

"Angus and Amanda's wedding, Carn Liath broch, 2014"

"Angus and Amanda's wedding, Carn Liath broch, 2014"

Fetes, Highland Games, events, in fact anywhere there are people, and I’m having fun.




"Brora fete 2012"

"Brora fete 2012"

"Inverness Street Theatre Festival 2014"

"Inverness Street Theatre Festival 2014"

I have an exclusive and growing collection of Electric Seal pups, each one unique and signed, which are a gift for every donation of £980 or more to my ministry work. Six have been commissioned to date. Here’s Realin. For more on the seal pups, please visit their page here.

Grey seal puppy eyes

"Helmsdale Highland games 2012"