Hard work

It’s hard work being a daddy Guts. Just never stops. Can’t wait until the Gutlings grow feathers and learn to fly so I can chase them off and have a wee rest before next year.

Mr Guts the herring gull


Tulloch of Achavarn

A rather uninteresting grassy mound is all that’s left, which is easy to miss if you didn’t know there was a broch there. The broch has been completely quarried for its stone and there is nothing left. However, they’re all important, and visiting these sites can give you insights into how the Picts lived and how they defeated the Romans. Easiest access may be through the nearby farm and asking for access, otherwise barbed wire fences and rough ground await to assail you.

Access and Photos here

Tulloch of Achavarn broch

Appnag Tulloch broch

That’s Appnag Tulloch added to the library. It’s broch number 101. It has been quite an adventure tracking these things down and photographing them. I’m looking forward now to the summer and a few more adventures.

More info and photos here

Appnag Tulloch broch